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Fiber Alignment System

12-axis (6-axis) Optical Fiber Alignment System Use of hig


  • Use of high resolution stages enables alignment with high rigidity and high efficiency.
  • The magnetic mounting method and the positioning mechanism used in the holders ensure positional repeatability.
  • A variety of compatible holders enables application extension associated with device change. (Fiber holders, fiberrotation holders, fiber array holders, etc.)

Optical Vibration Isolation Table

Simple optical lab bench fitted with a table frame and rubber isolators placed between the bench and the table frame provides a basic level of vibration isolation.

  • The inside of the bench is aluminum honeycomb, which is lightweight with excellent stiffness. (Steel only for HA-86-50LS)
  • The vibration isolating legs have high stiffness and stability.
  • The legs are arranged so as to provide space for the knees, thus allowing testing or measurement to be conducted while seated.
  • The top surface of the bench is magnetic stainless steel plate, with tapped holes (M6 25×25mm matrix) over the entire surface allowing both magnetic type and screw fixing type systems or equipment to be mounted.

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