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Active Thermography

Modular System Design for Precisely Fitting Inspections

The versatile application options of active thermography require an elaborate configuration of every single inspection system. InfraTec offers a wide variety of necessary components along with a modular system architecture. The high-resolution cameras, efficient control and evaluation software as well as the continuously operable excitation sources and controllers are interchangeable within the system and therefore allow a flexible adaptation to upcoming requirements.

Applications of Active Thermography:

  • Detection of layer structures, delaminations and inserts in plastics, for instance of wind turbines or CFRPs of the automotive and aerospace industry.
  • Investigation of interior structures, for instance of breakage or impacts on Honeycomb lightweight constructions.
  • Recognition of deeper material deficiencies, such as blowholes or ruptured laser welding seams.

What is Active Thermography?

Active Thermography refers to using an energy source to invoke a thermal contrast between an object and the background. This process is often used for scientific research and experimental purposes.

Common usage of active thermography includes Lock-In Thermography and Pulse Phase Thermography. These methods are usually used for material testing purposes. Often used together with infrared cameras, Active Thermography ensures that scientific discoveries and breakthroughs can occur by detecting material defects.

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