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  • Laser wavelength: 785nm±0.5nm
  • Laser power: 350 mW Max, Adjustable in 10 steps
  • Optical parameter: NA 0.22 7.5mm working distance
  • Detector: TE cooling Backthinned CCD array
  • Signal-Noise-Ratio: 10000:1
  • Intergration time: 0.1~30s
  • Screen: 4.5’LCD 720p Touch screen
  • Bar code: 1D , 2D
  • Data transfer: USB 2.0
  • Data format: .pdf .csv .txt
  • Battery: Li-ion Battery , duration time>5h
  • Power adapter: 100~240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: (Main unit) 3.8kg , (Probe) 330g
  • Dimensions: (Main unit) 29cm×22cm×10cm , (Probe) 15.5cmx7.4cmx2.5cm 
  • Operating temperature: 0~45℃
  • Accessory: Probe cap , calibration cap



  • Accurate and stable
  • Scientific analysis
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rich configuration
  • Easy to operate
  • Free expansion



  • Self-built library: Users can build model library according to their needs and synchronize to other devices through the cloud.
  • Standard library: optional contraband, hazardous chemicals, drugs, mineral jewellery, industrial chemicals, etc.
  • Laser power can be adjusted: users can set their own laser power 0-500mW
  • User management: operating software with rights management, hierarchically specify user rights
  • Mixture identification: the composition of the mixture can be identified
  • Cloud platform: support device management, remote upgrade, model synchronization, online reporting, cloud computing, etc.
  • Quickly replace the battery, the battery can be charged independently, and can extend the long-life battery
  • Replaceable SIM card design, support 4G network (optional)

What are Raman Spectrometers?

Raman Spectrometers are often used to determine vibrations of extremely small matter such as molecules. While manipulating photons, it allows for the vibrations to be detected.
The term Raman Spectroscopy is also named after Indian physicist C.V. Raman.   

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