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NAC Image Technology is a world leader in the development and production of advanced imaging and motion analysis systems. NAC provides the high-speed imaging and motion analysis systems that give Engineering Research/Testing and production facilities a competitive advantage.

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MEMRECAM ACS acs1-spray

World’s First 40 Gigapixel Per Second High Speed Video Camera

High Speed / High Resolution

  • 1280 X 800 (1M Pixel) 40,000fps
  • 864 X 640 50,000fps
  • 800 X 528 60,000fps

Long Recording Time / Faster Data Transfer

  • 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
  • Faster Data Transfer to Optional SSD

High Sensitivity / High Quality

  • ISO 50,000
  • Superior High Dynamic Range
  • User Selectable Bit Depth

Eye Motion Tracking System (EMR)


emr_actus NAC- IMG_0497 dTarget


EMR ACTUS enables you to conduct eye tracking without calibration process by cutting edge “CALFREE”technology. It achieves stressless measurements to capture massive number of examinees, difficult subject such as infant or subjects with low attention.

EMR - 9

NAC - nac_0714_084   NAC - IMG_0879    NAC - IMG_0898

The EMR-9 is a truly mobile system that offers significant reduction in size and weight over traditional eye measurement systems. This allows the subject to move freely and unencumbered in their natural environment. The EMR-9 records data to a compact SD memory card.


nac’s compact, lightweight MEMRECAM HX-7s offers an astounding 5 Mega Pixel resolution at up to 850 fps, Full HD resolution at up to 2,000 fps, 1 Mega Pixel resolution at up to 3,600 fps, and so much more! The HX-7s gives the user the best possible solutions: the highest resolutions available; the highest light sensitivity available; true mobility and stand-alone performance; and ultra fast imaging.


The nac MEMRECAM MX is a robust, turnkey solution for multi-camera onboard and offboard automotive testing and occupant safety applications. Each system supports up to eight, tightly synchronized camera views, and integrates seamlessly with all current and legacy MEMRECAM imaging systems. The versatile MEMRECAM MX high speed camera system is a truly ideal solution for all automotive testing needs.


MEMRECAM Q5 Series Features

camerahead_0724   nac_14_dec_2015_076


  • Compact DRP Design: 195W x 40H x 125D, 1.8kg
  • Multiple Micro Camera Options: µ-Cam, C-Cam, P2-Cam and S2-Cam
  • Ruggedized System Design
  • Built-In Hi-G Trigger Circuit
  • Built-In Memory Backup
  • Gig-E Communications
  • Multi-Camera Operation with Precise Synchronization
  • Power Input: 20-32VDC
  • Power Consumption: 50W (4X
    cameras plus DRP)



DSC_0082   Qcam

nac’s MEMRECAM Q Series is designed to support demanding multicamera testing environments. When it comes to reliable, high-quality, high speed camera systems, make the safe choice with nac and you’ll see the visible difference!

Ultra Highspeed Camera (UHS)

The Ultra UHSi 12/24



  • 200M FPS
  • Up to 24 Frames
  • Megapixel Performance

The Ultra UBSi 12/24



  • True 1 Billion FPS
  • Up to 24 Frames
  • Megapixel Performance

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