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X-LRQ-SV2 Series


  • Vacuum compatible to 10-6 Torr
  • 75, 150, 300, 450, 600 mm travel
  • 100 kg load capacity
  • Up to 205 mm/s speed and up to 100 N thrust
  • Built-in controller; daisy-chains with other Zaber products
  • Only 4 feedthrough wires required to control all units in the daisy-chain
    via serial port (with an X-PIB adaptor)
  • Custom versions available

XYZ Series


  • 13 mm up to 450 mm travel per axis
  • Built-in controllers
  • Several units daisy-chain to a single serial port
  • Machinist’s Square (SQ3) included free with all XY and XYZ systems
  • Available in various speed / resolution options
  • Custom versions available

ASR-E Series


  • 50 mm up to 305 mm travel per axis
  • Easily adjustable non-contact hall sensor limit switches
  • Up to 12 μm accuracy; 2 μm repeatability; 85 mm/s speed
  • Supported by μManager and MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software
  • Custom versions available

X-RST-DE Series


  • Direct reading encoder for position correction; stage accuracy to 0.01°
  • 50.8 mm (2 inch) aperture with kinematic mounting options for repeatability of assembly
  • 50 kg centered load capacity
  • Speed up to 24 °/s and torque up to 10 N-m
  • Built-in controller; daisy-chains with other Zaber products
  • Multiple X-Series products in a daisy-chain can share a single power supply
  • Custom versions available

X-DMQ-DE Series


  • 2.2 μm accuracy; < 0.5 μm repeatability
  • 12 mm travel and 15.5 N peak thrust with adjustable force control mode
  • Up to 1400 mm/s speed, 25 Hz full-travel
  • Built-in controller; daisy-chains with other Zaber products
  • Integrated 200 nm resolution linear encoder provides closed-loop, high precision position control
  • Technical Article – Linear Motors: Overview and Selection Process

What is a Motorized Stage?

Motorized Stage or more commonly known as a motorized linear translation stage is a high precision positioning device used in industrial applications. Often used by scientists,  a motorized stage is used to position the platform heavy loads on stage especially when they are too large. 

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We Understand Your Needs

We approach every project and the requirements of our clients with a consultative approach.
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With more than 10 years of experience under our belt, our experienced team of consultants and engineers are here to help.

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EastWest SVC is honoured that the top research institutions in Singapore place their trust in us. 


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