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In today’s globalized world, different parts of a product are commonly manufactured in different parts of the world to save costs and tap on the expertise offered by different regions. Nonetheless, the colors are expected to match seamlessly when assembled to make one complete product. Otherwise, it may appear peculiar and incongruent. This is where color inspection spectrometers come in handy.

Color inspection spectrometers can help tighten color control. Rapid color control is essential to meet consumer demand and create a competitive advantage. EastWestSVC is your trusted color inspection spectrometer supplier in Singapore (SG). Contact our consultant to find out more or to place your order.

D8 Series Color Inspection System From Ocean Insights


D8 Series Color Inspection System


The D8 color inspection system is a robust in-line color matching tool for quality control and precise color consistency. It is designed for challenging industrial applications, such as consumer electronics manufacturing, and it provides lab-quality measurements directly on the manufacturing line.

It performs measurements in less than a second, enabling throughputs of over 500,000 samples per day with zero cross-contamination.


Benefits Of D8 Series Color Inspection System

  • Non-contact: it can perform measurements without any contact with the product. This increases production efficiency and reduces the risk of adversely affecting your product.
  • High-Speed: it can measure more than 500,000 samples per day. You can rest assured it can handle your high-volume production lines with ease.
  • Compact: The small diffuse/8° measurement head can be placed in-line almost anywhere on the production line, so you would not need to change your infrastructure.
  • Precise Lab-quality Color Measurements: Conforms to CIE 015. This ensures high correlation with benchtop spectrophotometers and guarantees seamless color control from development through final QC.
  • Industrial-grade: It is designed for busy manufacturing environments with harsh industrial conditions. The measurement head is sealed to keep dust/dirt out and has a removable/ cleanable sapphire window. This reduces production line delays and minimizes maintenance.



Technical Specifications

  • Measurement Geometry: Diffuse/8°, configured for SCI, SCE or both, conforms to CIE 015
  • Detector: 1024 element array
  • Wavelength Range: 400 – 700 nm
  • Photometric Range: 0 to 150% with 0.01% resolution, colorimetric resolution 0.01 CIELAB units
  • LED Light Source: >250M measurements
  • Cycle Time: < 150 ms
  • Measurement Distance: 0.5 mm ± 0.1 mm
  • Measurement / Illumination Area: 2 X 2 mm / Ø 10 mm down to Ø 0.5mm
  • Repeatability: Standard deviation of 0.01 ∆E * ab and 0.04% reflectance (typical) – Measured white calibration tile 100 times at 1-second intervals
  • Inter-Instrument Agreement: Mean 0.12 Δ E * ab (typical) average for 12 ceramic reference tiles, across 40 production systems. The distance is measured from the mean of all measurements for each tile. Max 0.4 Δ E * ab for 12 ceramic reference tiles.
  • Data Interface: USB 2.0 • Hardware Triggering – Trigger Input: Opto-isolated BNC, 5V rising edge (internal 360 Ω resistor). Trigger Output: 5 VDC,15 mA max over BNC, active-high pulse at the beginning of measurement (may be used to sync multiple sensors).
  • Input Power: AC 100 – 250V @50-60Hz, 7.3 VA

Frequently Asked Questions About Color Inspection Spectrometers In Singapore (SG)

How Do Color Inspection Spectrometers Work?

Color inspection spectrometers work by measuring reflected or transmitted light across the spectrum and create a visual curve that describes the color on that substrate, under that lighting condition.

Why Is Color Measurement Important?

Ensuring a product’s color is consistent and accurate is part of Quality Assurance in many industries, including textile, automotive and plastics and mechanical manufacturing.

Are Color Inspection Spectrometers Really Needed For Color Control?

Color inspection spectrometers accelerate the process of determining the color of a product. The high speed and accuracy level will help ensure products are manufactured well and in accordance with quality control.

Are There Other Types Of Spectrometers?

Yes, EastWest SVC supplies various types of spectrometers for a variety of applications. From mini spectrometers to Raman and LIBS spectrometers.

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