MW-PPG Sensor: An On-Chip Spectrometer 

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MW-PPG Sensor

More information about MW-PPG Sensor, An On-Chip Spectrometer

Multi-wavelength photoplethysmography (MW-PPG) sensing technology has been known to be superior to signal-wavelength photoplethysmography (SW-PPG) sensing technology. However, limited by the availability of sensing detectors, many prior studies can only use conventional bulky and pricy spectrometers as the detectors and hence cannot bring the MW-PPG technology to daily-life applications. In this study, we developed a chip-scale MW-PPG sensor using innovative on-chip spectrometers, aimed at wearable applications. Also in this paper, we present signal processing methods for robustly extracting the PPG signals, in which an increase of up to 50% in the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) was observed. Example measurements of saturation of peripheral blood oxygen (SpO2) and blood pressure were conducted.


What is a MW-PPG Sensor?

MW-PPG Sensors are compact, versatile and light in nature. As compared to conventional spectrometers, MW-PPG Sensors are able to provide a large number of PPG Signals at different wavelengths. By extracting PPG Signals using MW-PPG Sensors, experiments show that the S/N of the ratio combined would increase by up to 50%. 

Also, it would be possible to demonstrate simultaneous heart rate measurement, SpO2 measurement and blood pressure measurement.

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